AMBIS covers the entire Central Texas area and is affiliated with the Funeral Consumers Alliance, a national federation of more than 90 similar societies in the United States.


































































Austin Resource: AMBIS

Austin Memorial and Burial Information Society

AMBIS is a non-profit funeral consumer alliance. It is run by volunteers who are area residents dedicated to helping their neighbors make funeral and memorial arrangements that are dignified, meaningful and affordable. To this aim they compile an annual price survey of local funeral homes, which appears on their website -

Before I Go, You Should Know©  

AMBIS offers a funeral planning kit to help you communicate your final wishes to other family members. There is a $12 cost. The linked page also offers a number of other free forms.

Price Surveys

The average cost a funeral in the US and Austin is about $6,500. In Austin a full funeral with a metal casket will cost between $3,495 to $10,860. Other options can reduce those costs to a fraction of those prices. A family-directed funeral can cost as little as a few hundred dollars.

AMBIS conducts an annual survey of Austin Funeral Home and Cemetery prices. The surveys are useful to rank specific funeral costs by service provider but will not help you price your funeral plan. Prices vary for each service or product you select which will affect the final cost of the funeral ceremony.

After Death Check list for Survivors 

Many people find that having a checklist of decisions to be made and tasks to be done when a death occurs helps them to be better organized and, thus, reduces some of the anxiety associated with an emotional time.   AMBIS offers A Guide For Families:  After-Death Checklist for Survivors

AMBIS assists the community by providing